Chulalongkorn University (Computer Engineering)

08/2560 - 05/2564

  • GPAX 3.72
  • Former President of Thinc., a student-run organization aiming to make impact to society using technology
  • Coordinate effectively in a team of 10+ members

Mahidol Wittayanusorn School

03/2558 - 03/2560

  • Silver medalist of 11th Thailand Olympiad in Informatics
  • Gold medalist of 12th Thailand Olympiad in Informatics
  • President of clubs teaching C++ language programming & problem solving

Work Experience

Monkey Everyday (Part-time Software Engineer)*

01/2564 - Present

  • Initiate, design and develop backend for online learning platform
  • Technical environment: TypeScript, NestJS, PostgresQL, GraphQL, Apollo Federation, monorepo, nx, Docker, Algolia, GCP

Brikl (Backend Engineer)*

10/2563 - Present

  • Design and implement notification system, microstore system and search APIs.
  • Implement internal libraries for backend development
  • Technical environment: TypeScript, Serverless, GraphQL, Schema stitching, Hasura, Docker, PostgresQL, ElasticSearch, Prisma, AWS

Agoda co, Ltd. (Intern Backend Engineer)

06/2563 - 07/2563

  • Developed Yield Control System (YCS) for partners, i.e. hotel, to manage their properties in Agoda system.
  • Technical environment: C# .NET, XML, TSQL, jQuery, Selenium, PuppeteerSharp.

Monkey Academic Training Center (Part-time Software Engineer)

01/2562 - 12/2563

  • Design and develop web applications for admin management and internal learning platform for students.
  • Technical environment: TypeScript, NestJS, ReactJS, VueJS, MongoDB, MySQL, Git, GCP, Docker, GraphQL

Donuts Bangkok (Intern backend developer)

07/2561 - 07/2561

  • Developed, a real-estate trading platform in Thailand.
  • Designed database models and developed APIs for real-estate listing feature.
  • Technical environment: Laravel + PHP, MySQL, GitLab.
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